i could soon be in 3, 5 and 7 Series

Munich / Miramas (France), December 1, 2014

After the successful launch of i3 and i8, BMW is preparing for the introduction of plug-in hybrid systems in other major models. So far there are 3, 5 and 7 behind which a hybrid drive only hides labeled " Active Hybrid", without external loading facility.

From the IAA 2013 to today

At the IAA 2013 introduced the carmaker before the X5 Concept eDrive. And for the time shown as a concept car 2er Active Tourer rumors about an externally rechargeable power tank. While the speculation about the 2er have not confirmed, the plug-in SUV was presented again at the end of 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. Now BMW showed another prototype in which technology comes from the i-vehicles.

A 3-i3 and i8 with genes

The prototype 3-base has both an internal combustion engine and electric motor with a lithium-ion battery that can be loaded into the outlet. The four-cylinder IC engine based on the two-liter twin turbo engine, which is also in the 320i ( 184 hp ) or is installed in the 328i (245 hp). The electric motor and power electronics are derived directly from the i-models. The design of the battery, the battery management system and the direct cooling also descended from i3 and i8.

Developed and produced in Dingolfing

This means that the drive technology can now quickly and cost-effectively spread to all models is developed as a modular system and produced. The development of the main electric drive components takes place in Dingolfing, where from 2015 should also be produced. Then not only battery modules for the i8, but for all upcoming plug-in models are manufactured on the same production line.

Increase electric drive units

Exact figures range, performance or charging time is called BMW has not yet. With the developed drive components but should be possible system performance of more than 500 kilowatts, a battery capacity of 20 kilowatt hours and a pure electric range of over 100 kilometers. This plug-in systems aim to increase the electric traction shares and to cope with the everyday traffic almost completely emission-free.

Pure electric mobility and hydrogen

" At the same time working on the expansion of the BMW fully electric vehicles without a combustion engine. In addition, hydrogen remains an important issue in the development drive ?? especially in combination with its renewable electricity generation ", Chief Development Officer Herbert Diess said complementary. (ml)