i - cockpit with a new sound component

Paris, September 1, 2015

In 2010, Peugeot has introduced the i - cockpit, which should increase the ergonomics in the lion cars with visual and tactile innovations. Now, five years later, the next evolution of the i - cockpit is in the starting blocks. In the future study Fractal now the acoustic level comes into play. Especially the topics sound and sound design play a major role. The fractal is a electric coupe for the city, serving with all kinds of new ideas as a test vehicle.

Futuristic design

3.81 meters long, 1.77 meters wide. The fractal is a compact car that glides silently through the urban jungle. Short overhangs front and rear emphasize the The smooth body is wrapped in a two-tone finish. Pearl white on the front, from the Tügriffen then Matt Black. The detachable roof makes the Fractal either a coupé or convertible. At the rear, is located above the diffuser is a light band, which informs the state of the charge process of the battery, and serves as a return light in the driving operation.

The fractal is a Leisetreter

A special feature of the sound theme, which is dedicated to the fractal, the wheel covers. Completely in 3D printers created, they are strongly reminiscent of the wedge-shaped sound-deadening in anechoic chambers. And indeed, with the help of the wheel guards to the levels can be markedly reduced wind noise.

3D printing and concert hall in the interior

Interior also dominert the main theme sound. Dashboard, door panels and bucket seats are covered with black oak ?? just as in the concert hall. The seats are made of a 3D mesh fabric and are covered with white leather. A high-set instrument panel with a large 12.3-inch digital unit provides the driver with information. In addition a 45 degrees inclined polycarbonate disc onto which the image of another 7.7-inch screen is projected holographically. The steering wheel has two touch pads, which can be controlled with the thumb. Right and left of the driver are occupied with toggle switches arches, for example, to start the engines. In the center console, finally, is the third monitor to find a 7.7 inch panel also. Eighty percent of the interior come the way out of the 3D printer, a technique for which the fractal serves as a technology.

A clever navigation device

Also very important when it comes to interior: The newly developed sound system. For this, the PSA 's " StelLab "-Laboratory has designed a 9.1.2. facility that houses a dedicated subwoofer in each backrest, thus creating a whole new sound experience. Due to this system specially written software that enables the navigation device to move virtually in the room. A small example: If a goal or an intersection even farther away, it sounds as if the Navi voice continue to stand in front of the car. Now you approach the intersection, the voice moves into the car. You're standing on the to be taken downhill, for example, to the left, the voice is also left by the driver. A brand new Navi - experience.

204 hp and 1000 kg

Under the hood, more deeply in the center tunnel, sits at the heart of Fractal. A 40 - kilowatt hour lithium Iion battery which gives up its power to four electric motors on the front and rear axle. As overall performance are 204 hp or 150 kW to book, at a range of 450 kilometers. This is not a conventional four-wheel drive, but at a slightly different power distribution. Up to 100 km / h, the Fractal is driven tail, about the power then goes to the front. The standard sprint from zero to one hundred km / h creates the fractal in 6.8 seconds. Also, thanks to its very low weight of 1,000 kilograms.

A very own sound

In order not to surprise the other road users and pedestrians quietly sliding, has the fractal on a specific sound signature. It inform different sound signals through the various driving conditions. As a special highlight of the fractal with Samsung Gears SmartWatch is compatible. So the driver can read at any time charge level, charging progress, interior temperature, and location of the vehicle . ( mf )