Hyundai Santa Fe: First Pictures

Offenbach, 6. February 2018

Whether in the USA or Europe: The Hyundai Santa Fe has found its Fans. Now the big SUV is in the fourth Generation. Even before the Premiere at the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March 2018) first official pictures.

A little longer than in the past

On them is to see that the Santa Fe reflects in some measure the line of the design of the Hyundai Kona, for example in the case of the two-part headlight unit. A new addition is the "character line" above the door handles and the door-mounted exterior mirrors. In the length of the new Hyundai Santa Fe measures of 4.77 meters, seven inches more than in the past. The width grows slightly, by an inch now 1.89 meters. Thus, the new Santa Fe is arranged approximately between the previous model and the Grand Santa Fe.

More Assistance Systems

Inside, there is the heatable and coolable seats, a large touch screen. The new Hyundai Santa Fe offers a comprehensive package of active safety and driving assistance systems, which are grouped under the term "Smart Sense". Included in the more developed cross-traffic warning, which can warn during the rear Ausparkens in the event of imminent collision in front of approaching vehicles and the new Santa Fe to brake automatically.

Help for dog owners

The "Safety Exit Assist" lock the doors, when a vehicle approaches from the rear. So accidents can Open the rash can be prevented for the door. In the new Santa Fe to the "Rear Occupant Alert is a world first," available: when Parking, active protection system features an ultrasonic sensor, and detects movements on the rear seats. The driver is visually and acoustically indicated to people that are on the vehicle. So can remember, for example, in the case of particularly high temperatures, a warning that people or animals should not be in the car behind.(rh)