Hyundai presents i30 N Option Concept

Hyundai park in Paris, this i30 N Option Concept, a showcase of the N Option accessory line that Hyundai is soon to launch.

Hyundai delivers full-fledged N-models such as the i30 N, and i30 N Fastback, but also the N-Line models only sporty are dressed. In addition, supply the Koreans N-finery, optical decoration in a catalogue is to be found.

The i30 N Option looks as if he vermogenstechnisch the whole world, but in fact it is the car purely optically dressed. Hyundai gives the car a carbon fiber crafted rear spoiler, four uitlaateindstukken, a N-grille with red line and 20-inch alloy. Also, the interior decorated with things like carbon-fibre-built accents.