Hyundai Nexo: he costs

Offenbach, 16. April 2018

Electric cars are considered as the new Savior of the automotive industry. Pretty much every major manufacturer wants to bring in the next few years, cars with plugs on the market. The technology of the fuel unit cell cars, so the conversion of hydrogen into electricity to an electric motor drive, almost into oblivion. Hyundai continues here but with the new Nexo an exclamation point. It is now known, what is the cost of the SUV.

Strong with a lot of range

Let us look at the Hyundai Nexo first of all, to be more precise: by The manufacturer as "a Future Utility Vehicle" (FUV) designated vehicle is 4.67 metres long, the wheelbase is 2.79 meters. 120 kW according to 163 PS maximum power available, in addition to a maximum torque of 395 Newton-meter. In around 9.5 seconds, the Nexo is to accelerate to 100 km/h. As a range, Markus Schrick, managing Director of Hyundai Germany announced that 750 kilometers. Plus point to electric cars: the filling of The high-pressure tanks with hydrogen takes five minutes.

Market launch in August 2018

However, the network of hydrogen refuelling stations is not in Germany, nor is it too dense: 43 sites are already in operation, another 33 are waiting to be completed. In addition, the Hyundai Nexo is not necessarily cheap: a total of 69,000 euros to be called, you can order it from now on. Starting in August of 2018, he is then at the dealer. Interestingly, the views of the net price is: 57.983 Euro Hyundai remains below the 60,000-Euro limit up to which the Federal government promotes the purchase of electrically-powered vehicles with 4,000 euros.(rh)