How this actually with the Internet in the new audis?

Ingolstadt, 6 June 2016

There are all newer Audi models optionally with a SIM card installed in the car. These include the lifted A3, the new A4 and A5, the Q7, the soon launching Q2 and also the still 2016 coming new Q5. We looked at more precisely how much the thing, how it works and what advantages does the embedded SIM (e-SIM), as an example of the A3.

Email, Google Earth, and more

As with the SIM-card in your Smartphone the Audi drivers can use with the built-in SIM Internet services via a LTE / UMTS module with a download speed of up to 100 Mbit per second. A flat rate for three years is included. Also in most countries of the European foreign, the use is free of charge. However, only certain, specified by Audi services are usable, the so-called connect services. (I.e. with satellite images instead of simple street maps) these include the navigation with Google Earth and Google Street view, as well as travel, traffic and parking information. In addition, the driver receives access to his Twitter account, email and Smartphone calendar. E-mail is possible but only the reading of the text, you can not be attached images in the car.

Free use of the Internet including book bar

In comparison with the own Smartphone Internet usage via Audi connect is so severely restricted. However, you can book data packages for the Wi-Fi hotspot which is part of MMI navigation plus. Technically, the built-in SIM card is also used, but the data will be charged extra. So the occupants can then use up to eight smartphones, tablets or laptops on the Internet surf depending on the selected fare abroad. The data packages are offered by Audi partner Cubic Telecom. After a release, they are available directly via the MMI system in the car. Audi spokesman Michael Crusius gave us examples of the costs: within Germany 500 megabyte cost eight euros, one gigabyte for a month in the space of seven days 14 euro and 10 gigabytes for consumption within one year 128 euro. For the EU, the corresponding prices are 20 euro, 25 euro or 219 euro.

With GPS

The extra charge for the Audi connect SIM with three years data flat rate is not too high at 350 Euro (in the case of the A3). Condition is however the presence of MMI navigation device navigation for 1,295 euros (at the A3). The MMI navigation plus (2,490 euro) is the built-in SIM card with three years of usage rights included.

Use of own SIM possible

Even if the integrated SIM card on board is, use your own SIM card is possible. You put it simply in the card slot of the Navis then charged on this card. Also the use of the data via Wi-Fi hotspot is settled then. Older Audi models, for example the A1, there is only this way: you put your own SIM card in the card reader of the navigation device MMI navigation plus. Thus, the total system is quite expensive: 500 euro for the activation of the Connect service plus 2,390 euro for MMI navigation plus. (sl)