How crazy is the LM2 Streamliner

New York (USA), March 26, 2015

It's always the same story and rarely goes good: A previously unknown sports car maker dashes with some sketches and completely absurd performance of his new Hyper Cars forward. He wants to be " soon" the established forces Bugatti, Pagani, Ferrari or McLaren spanking. In the case of Lyons Motor Car LM2 Streamliner there is at least one study. You will be at the New York Auto Show ( 3 to 12 April 2015) revealed. For the New York-based company and its chief Kevin Lyons, who looks back on 30 years of experience in prototype for larger manufacturers, it's almost a home game.

Performance from the dreamland

Although the LM2 Streamliner looks incredibly Streamlined and fast, but somehow he makes the impression that the design team could put away a little too early to pin. Who wants the whole something positive: Lyons engine first world premiere should run pretty smooth. Even more exotic than the styling of the LM2 Streamliner are his outrageous technical data. A V8 biturbo sends 1,700 PS (at 9,000 err tours) and 2,183 Newton meters via a sequential seven-speed transmission to all four wheels. The monstrous power meets thanks to a carbon body, sitting on a carbon chassis, to just 1,406 pounds of weight. Up to 60 miles per hour (96 km / h) should pass just 2.2 seconds. Zero to 160 km / h grabs the Streamliner according to Lyons in 4.1 seconds, and within 11.1 seconds to 320 km / h rest. In order to continue the trip to fantasy Hausen: The quarter mile is supposedly done in 8.8 seconds and top speed is estimated at 470 km / h.

Car without cables

Stability controls are in place, but they are likely to lead a fairly hopeless struggle. This also applies to the fat rolls which are mounted on the front 20 and rear 21-inch wheels. Ceramic brakes from Brembo strive for the destruction of rampant speeds. The pushrod suspension of LM2 Streamliner is twofold electronically adjustable. Speaking of electronics: Just about everything about this car is electronically controlled by a huge 16-inch touch screen. Useful operator utensil such as levers or switches searches you like a conventional wiring in vain. How this will work everything exactly Lyons motor car but does not reveal. But one raves about the " first American Hypercar, which will compete against the best performing and most exclusive vehicles in Europe". Somehow that seems to us quite everything before known. (sw)