Hot photos in the steel mill

Ulm, September 24, 2014

For his new erotic calendar, the oil and additive manufacturer Liqui Moly has chosen a decorative background: the Maxhiitte in the Upper Palatinate. In the disused steelworks emerged with a total of 14 models hot month leaves for the workshop wall.

temperature rises

The images tell little stories. The Maxhiitte was once a major steel plant with over 9,000 employees. The blast furnaces have long been cold, but the temperature in the Maxhiitte seems to rise when the pretty girls conquer the industrial ruin anyway. Inspect cabinets, they lubricate the technology and they take the old lab back in operation. Dust, rust and slag are ubiquitous and form an interesting contrast to the young ladies.

13 instead of 12 months

The calendar is not only because of his motives something special, he is also more extensive than previously: it begins in December 2014 and now comprises 13 instead of 12 months. Like every year, most of the calendar will be distributed to selected customers of Liqui Moly. Very few copies are sold at www.liqui - moly - for 18 euros . (HD)