Honda Rugged Open-Air Vehicle Concept is loose

Yesterday announced officially today: the Honda Rugged Open-Air Vehicle Concept. The car is just as insane as his name is long.

Yesterday showed Honda the Ridgeline Overland Project, a special for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas prepared Ridgeline with a kampeermodule. The brand announced that tomorrow, so today, the cloth would pull out of a second newcomer, the Rugged Open-Air Vehicle Concept. Today adds Honda the action to the word.

The Rugged Open-Air Vehicle Concept is, according to Honda, the star of the SEMA entries. If we have the colossus so see, we can understand why the brand that claims to be. The car is best described as a buggy with room for four occupants. The by the North American division of Honda-developed structure reflects according to the brand vision of an ultimate offroader. The car is in fact a fierce custom Ridgeline, though the complete chassis, custom, and carries a private carriage, complete with roll cage. Which carriage do again strongly reminiscent of that of Honda's Pioneer 1000-buggy. The interior is, according to Honda adapted so that water, dust and sand quantity will not damage. Ready for production? No, but lots of fun!