High and coastal steamer

Zuffenhausen, 1 September 2016

It is unfortunately not known how many Macan-Turbo customers already have been approached at Porsche, to complain about the blatant lack of performance on their high-performance SUV. All those who this problem made sleepless nights, was communicated well still happy: your concerns have been answered, the Macan gets more power. Officially renamed the force cure (and hence the new top model) under the somewhat ungelenkigen name "Porsche Macan Turbo with performance package". What has to mean it, is, however, quite simple: the 3.6-liter Twin-Turbo V6 increases from 400 to 440 HP, the torque rises by 550 to 600 Newton metres. As it does, Porsche does not reveal. It is clear, however, that you can join too loosely, if Mercedes-AMG squeezes his relatively unrestrained 4.0 liter Twin-Turbo V8 in the relatively manageable GLC.

Dynamic upgrade as standard

Yes, the GLC 63 will probably come in the near future. With the new performance package, the Macan also seems prepared. It's now in 4.4 seconds (minus 0.4 seconds) 0-100 km/h, top speed increases to 6 to 272 km/h. The consumption climbs parallel to half a litre on 9.4 to 9.7 litres on average. In addition to improving performance, Porsche bought the now fastest Macan but also a whole chunk more sports facilities. The brake gets grooved discs and swells behind the front wheels on gigantic 390 mm (plus 30 mm). Sport exhaust system as well as the PASM Sport suspension with Adaptive shock absorbers and 15 mm lowering are also at the factory here. An air suspension with 10 mm more depth is available as an option.

91.143 euro

Who likes to play with driving modes, will be the standard sports Chrono package happy, the in the settings of "Sport" and "sport plus" successively to the radicalization of chassis, engine, gearbox and sound takes. If you have desire and enough money, can his Macan Turbo performance package with the "Turbo"-Exterieur - and Interior packages do not necessarily faster, but even more desirable. Outside, there are 21-incher, various black parts and LED headlights with cornering lights. Inside lure even more leather, Alcantara, carbon and colored seams. The Macan Turbo with performance package is now available at prices from 91.143 euro can be ordered. Thus he is Turbo exactly 7.390 euros more expensive than the normal Macan. But hardly a price difference is Ausstattungsbereinigt. (black & white)