Hardcore small series

Gaydon, 18 February 2015

One may wonder why Aston Martin at the Geneva Motor Show ( March 3 to 15 2015) shows the street-legal racing version of a ten year old car. But then you see the new Vantage GT3 and all is forgotten. In fairness it should mention that this Vantage has probably not all too much to do with the original Vantage. In addition, the British luxury brand has evolved into a more than remarkable address for customer sport race cars since the introduction of Vantage in 2005. Thus, the GT3 sprayed more than a little racetrack charm.

100 pounds lighter

Even without the war paint in orange, gray and black one sees immediately that this is the deepest and widest Vantage here. The front and rear track could grow, also rolled out the GT3 on Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires and brakes with massive carbon-ceramic stoppers from Brembo. Just about everything on the body (except for the doors) is made ​​of carbon, which has resulted in combination with some other tricks such as polycarbonate lenses to a weight reduction of about 100 pounds. The Vantage GT3 strain on the balance now even with 1565 kg.

Aerodynamic advantage

For befitting thrust of the well-known 6.0-liter V12 that puts it due to smaller operations and a new titanium exhaust system to 600 hp and 625 Newton meters ensures. The Vantage GT3 accelerates in 3.7 seconds from zero to 100 km / h, and creates spite of exorbitant rear wing 297 km / h top. By comparison, the previous top model V12 Vantage S with 573 hp needs 3.9 seconds and has a maximum of 328 km / h fast. But Aerodynamic likely worlds lacking for new GT3. In addition to an uncompromising looking front splitter and called Monster bar at the rear, Aston has also worked on the hood and behind the wheel arches to the air flow. There is also a massive diffuser over the peep the two tailpipes in a little more restrained manner.

All gone

The interior of the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 is mainly composed of carbon and Alcantara. The door panels are made ​​from one piece of carbon, the seats are manually adjustable and even the Navi is poured into carbon and firmly anchored in the center console. This was stolen from his brother Vanquish and is also made of carbon fiber. If you want to have the Vantage GT3 necessarily right now, it is hoped that you do not live in China or the US, for there he comes not back. Unfortunately, it will also be available in Europe only 100 copies and they are all sold. At least you have it saved the slightly dizzying purchase price. The is 250,000 pounds, which currently represents approximately 337,000 euros. Deliveries begin in the third quarter of the 2015th (sw)