Guides: used car sales in winter So it is safe and reliable

So it is safe and reliable

Who wants to get rid of his old car now has good cards: In recent weeks, the demand increased significantly after used car. In order to achieve a good price, only some preparation is needed.

In the winter, cars rusting on the courts of the dealer to himself. On the Internet, however, is still the season for the business with vehicles pre-owned. Who tackled properly, can also in ice and snow to sell his old baby for a good price.

First impressions: Best selling point is always a clean vehicle. So before the pictures are taken for the Internet ad, the car should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Who does not want to take on yourself, you can hire a professional preparer, doing this job, depending on the contamination of 150 to 350 euros.

Friendly as possible day is chosen for the photo session. Generally speaking, many of the recordings are better than fewer. The best are frontal images shot, never at an angle from the side or from above. The details are then clearly visible. Even small quirks should be recorded fairness sake. This creates trust, the buyer sees it later anyway.

Is the car prepared and the photos are taken, the vehicle can be put on the Internet, such as large cars portals like or For individuals, the ads are free and you can reach a large, at least Germany-wide audience.

In addition to the images, the display text plays an important role. In this case, any defects should be as little secretive as was done repairs. Also included accessories is worth mentioning. A good selling point are also currently existing winter tires or snow chains. When applying the price of one based on the best to similar offerings in the major Internet exchanges - with corresponding premiums or discounts for extras or defects.

When selling you should always insist on a proper contract of sale and not loose leave it at "money for goods". Forms can be found online. Only when the full purchase price has been paid, you should hand over the keys and papers. To avoid trouble later, it is important to exclude the warranty.