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Munich, 18 April 2017

Questions humanity have always been employed, part 1: Why were there so far actually no car between the BMW M4 with competition package (450 PS) and the BMW M4 GTS (500 HP)? Yes, we found the previous Status quo almost intolerable, but now M GmbH finally does something about it. In the form of the new BMW M4 CS, himself and all his carbon for the first time at the auto Shanghai 2017 (21 to 28 April) in the showcase provides the.

Ten more Horsepower

The M4 CS joins in fact between the competition of M4 and M4 GTS. For BMW "he closes the gap as a limited Special Edition between these two models". This is evident already at the increased power of the 3.0 liter Twin-Turbo series Salerno. In the CS, it produces 460 HP and 600 Newton metres. An increase of 10 HP and 50 nm from the M4 competition. To better assess: the completely sold-out M4 GTS bringing it to 500 HP and 600 Newton metres. The Sprint graduated from 0-100 km/h only with seven-speed double clutch available CS in 3.9 seconds, top speed is thanks to the standard M drivers package from regulated 280 km/h. The far more significant currency for all sports car nerds now but probably is the official North loop time and again the new M4 CS with rich 7:38 minutes of oddness. It is slower than the M4 GTS and improved radically on the racing use only ten seconds.

Slight adjustments and much carbon

Looks exactly the, an uncompromising racing car, not BMW in new M4 CS namely. In the typical PR talk that then is: "Maximum performance, clear Motorsport or ClubSport style, at the same time but fully Street eligible". We translate: firstly: the M4 CS get the adaptive chassis of the M4 competition with slight adjustments to spring and damper rates. Also the settings for steering, ESP, ABS, differential and gearbox have been slightly modified. Second, Through the use of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic), he is about 10 kilos lighter and weighs 1,580 kg now empty. Carbon is there as standard on hood and roof. Also the new front splitter, the quite striking rear rump and the diffuser (from the M4 GTS) are made of carbon fiber. Inside, diet is also operated by new door panels made of pressed natural fiber and the inevitable loop handles. Thirdly: The new 9 x 19 and 10 x 20 inch wheels not only look as if they were fresh from BMW's DTM car stolen, they're also pretty easy with just nine and ten kilos. They are based at the factory with sticky Michelin-pilot-sport-Cup-2-Semislicks. Who would like to drive in the rain without fear, can order but also normal sports tyres.

Closer to the M4 competition

Also in other relevant areas, the M4 is CS significantly closer to the normal M4 with competition package than on the raw M4 GTS. (A ceramic brake is optional to have) he takes over valve exhaust and compound braking system just from the M4 competition such as the lightweight sports seats in the Interior. Also the rear seat must remain in the CS in their rightful place. Other distinguishing features of the fast special model: Alcantara decorative strips with CS logo, an Alcantara steering wheel subject to additional charge, as well as various CS logos on the seats, entrance panels and co.

The noise stays out

The standard equipment of the new BMW CS M4 include an automatic climate control, the great navigation system, HiFi system "Professional", as well as the OLED taillights available previously exclusively for the M4 GTS. According to BMW will be the CS by 2017 to 2019 in limtierter quantities. How big is this number, was not mentioned so far unfortunately. Market launch for the M4 CS is in the July 2017. Rates start at 116.900 euro. A strammer surcharge of almost 27,000 euros compared to an M4 competition. Small consolation: the M4 GTS was again significantly more expensive 142,600 euros. Oh, Yes, a small (or rather a pretty big) treat for fans of M mentioned BMW quite succinctly in a subordinate clause: "about the M-based models are future as delivery models placed the competition versions. The overlying level there will be future CS models." Say: The M4 CS is just the beginning. A M2 CS will follow in the near future. (black & white)