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Frankfurt am Main, 9 may 2017

The first SUV of the brand Alfa Romeo, the Stelvio, enjoys rain interest. But some fan of the optics should be have been deterred by the existing engine line-up. Strong diesel and petrol engines up to 510 PS strong Quadrifoglio are indeed nice, but not necessarily mass-compatible. With new entry-level diesel engines, the nerve of the German SUV fans should be made now.

Always turned on

The fleet market is a factor not to be underestimated. The (official) CO2 value increasingly plays a role in the allocation of company cars. Here, the new base Stelvio fits perfectly into the concept. He pulls 150 Horsepower from a 2.2-liter diesel and is combined with rear-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic transmission. Alfa Romeo officially gives 4.7 liter according to 124 grams of CO2 per kilometre. Prices start from 39.750 euro, for the higher Super-facilities 42.550 euro are called. But already the cheapest Stelvio offers 17-inch alus, rear parking sensors, a two zone climate control, a power liftgate, different driving modes and a cruise control. For comparison: the new Audi Q5 costs with 150 HP diesel 39,500 euros, but stops by hand.

The same torque

If you want the combination of diesel and four-wheel drive in the Stelvio, needs access to the unit with 180 HP. Here, so far only rear-wheel drive was available, for the abbreviation Q4 at the rear at least 46,800 euro is due, because here is the Super facilities including. The value of consumption: 4,8 litres respectively 127 grams of CO2. Interesting, by the way: Both diesel, 150 or 180 HP, have a maximum torque of 450 nm at 1,750 RPM. (rh)