Goodbye Do, Goodbye Ferrari

Woking ( UK ), December 4, 2015

In principle, the McLaren 675LT Spider is not fundamentally different from its breathtakingly fast and carbon-containing coupe brother. The only, but not entirely insignificant difference: His three-part folding hardtop, which can be opened to 30 km / h, then disappears beneath a cover at the rear. The open super Mac brings 1,270 kilos ( dry), with which he is whole 100 kilos lighter than the 650 Spider. Compared to 675LT Coupé weighs only 40 kilos more. The complete additional weight at the expense of the roof structure. According to McLaren, no further stiffening measures are necessary due to the rigidity of its carbon monocoque to make a coupe a convertible.

Faster than a Ferrari 488

The 675LT Spider uses the same 3.8 - liter twin-turbo V8 as the coupe. It delivers 675 hp at 7,100 rev / min and 700 Nm 5000-6500 r / min. The performance has managed McLaren once again, the Spider to leave little or no worse off as the coupe. The open 675LT sprints like his brother Covered in 2.9 seconds to 100 km / h. Up to 200 km / h is 8.1 seconds with just 0.2 seconds slower. By comparison, the Ferrari 488 Spider takes 8.7 seconds. The maximum speed give the British to 326 km / h. The coupe manages 330 stuff. When consumption of 11.7 liters, the two are on a par again.

Again more expensive. So what?

The 675LT Spider, together with the models 675LT Coupé, 650S and 650S Spider McLaren's so-called Super Series. As for its performance and driving dynamics, it measures itself with competitors like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS or Ferrari 488. However, it is with a price of 340.725 euros more expensive. Even the 675LT Coupé is almost 31,000 euros cheaper. At the sales success that should certainly change nothing. McLaren says you had after the success of the coupe ( all 500 copies were sold out shortly after the presentation at the Geneva Motor Show 2015) decided to build an open version of the 675LT. Here's conclusion also after 500 units. The public debut of the McLaren 675LT Spider is expected for the Geneva Motor Show 2016th Market launch in the summer 2016th ( sw )