Giugiaro Clipper For the modern extended family

For the modern extended family

A finger exercise with a flood of screens: Even the world in the side mirrors is shown digitally in this concept car.

Purpose weapon in the Designer Dress: The vehicle designer Italdesign Giugiaro have made ​​use of the modular transverse matrix of its parent company VW, and around it tailored a new dress. The at the Geneva Motor Show ( March 6 to 16 ) study showed " Clipper " is a compact six-seater with electric drive and four side doors that open up like insect wings. Despite the spectacular effect of the real innovations are not stuck in the exterior design.

For the interior comes out with only five buttons, the rest of the vehicle is controlled by various touchpad. About ten screens combines the so-called " Multi Purpose Vehicle " ( multi-purpose vehicle ), not only with the outside world, but also the passengers to another, you can chat with each other, or talk via video from the back seat of the passenger in the front seat, for example, over the next rest stop, which is of course also appear on the mini-iPads.

Thus, the complete instrument panel of screens. The driver behind the wheel of course everything is digital, but certain functions shown as a 3D hologram. Instead of mirrors carrying the finger exercise of the VW test laboratories cameras that constantly display their images on two screens. This should be safer than the conventional mirror, for example, because night vision functions can be integrated. A technique which is not that far away from a loud Italdesign possible use in production.