Giannini 350 GP: tiny of madness

Turin (Italy), 8 June 2017

Throw off the little Fiat 500, was almost a kind of folk sports in Italy in the 1960s. The most styling of the "Cinquecento" is connected with Abarth, but also other companies had their clientele. Such as Giannini in Rome: founded in 1920, they turned to the tuning from 1963 and created toxic Fiat models, which have today but the only expert on the screen. Gianinni exists today, operates only in the service sector. As a tribute to a legendary force dwarf is now presented at the Auto Salon in the Turin "Parco Valentino" (7-11 June 2017). Be name 350 GP Giannini.

Thick butt with new content

The model name is program, because a total 350 Horsepower at the rear wheels are released. Moment time, rear wheels? Read it right. To sink the more powerful Turbo four-cylinder from the Alfa Romeo 4 C in the output product Fiat 500, it has widened the Cinquecento Po insanely. Ventilation slots are included, finally a rear-engine has this 500 as his ancestor. And because you modified already the whole look, the body consists of carbon fiber.

Happ, price

Funny, the whole shebang sounds once, especially as a four-wheel drive does not exist. Pushrod damper from Öhlins, 19-inch alloy wheels with matching tires, large ventilated disc brakes and six-piston brake calipers provide a reasonably civil driveability. The Turin company is responsible for the monster-Fiat "gram Torino engineering". 100 copies of the Giannini will be built 350 GP. The unit price? 150,000 not lire and euro. With no special requirements. (rh)