Geneva 2013: Cadillac Electric Coupé

Cadillac Electric Coupé

European premiere of the ELR. Cadillac presents its electric-powered luxury coupe in Geneva. It hit the market in 2014 and has a range extender. It rolls on 20 - inch wheels and has a range of around 480 kilometers.

The ELR has a chassis with electronic Continuous Damping Control and advanced active safety technologies. The CUE ( Cadillac User Experience ) with navigation comes as standard - the system of Cadillac combines infotainment functions can be controlled similarly to smartphones and tablets via voice and gesture recognition.

Also on display is the new Cadillac ATS. In January, the model the prestigious " North American Car of the Year Award" at the Detroit Auto Show. The first vehicles will be delivered to customers in Europe at the time. ATS is powered by a 2.0 - liter turbo gasoline engine with 203 kW / 276 hp, which reaches a maximum torque of 353 Nm. The four-cylinder accelerates with its high power output per liter of the compact by American standards Cadallac in 5.9 seconds from zero to 100 km / h. ( ampnet / JRI )