Futuristic nostalgia

Paris, May 31, 2016

A look at the automotive history holds many surprises: so, Peugeot won the famous race in Indianapolis, the "Indy 500" exactly a century ago for the second time. Until 1919 the Lion brand won there three times, also thanks to the then superior technology: A 4.5 liter four-cylinder with double overhead camshaft, four-valve technology and remarkable 190 km/h top speed. As a tribute to the success of that time Peugeot the study shows L500 R now HYbrid.

Strong double heart

As the name implies, a plug-in hybrid with 507 HP system power works in the L500 HYbrid. It consists of a 270 HP strong gasoline engine and two electric motors. The maximum torque is Peugeot with 730 Newton metres. Enough to crack the 100 km/h mark in 2.5 seconds and 1,000 meters in 19 seconds to go.

Flat and easy

The shape of the headlights should remind the new 3008, the blue-black color scheme on the winning car from 1916. The Peugeot L500 HYbrid R is only one meter tall and weighs a ton. The driver sits alone in a capsule-like cockpit and overlooks two circular instruments, which appear as a hologram. By means of a virtual-reality glasses the ride over the line but can experience a virtual passenger. (rh)