From now on, every new Nissan model in Europe will be electric

“The world must leave the combustion engine behind,” says the brand's boss

"For anyone who thinks EVs are not exciting, just look at this car," said Nissan boss Makoto Uchida at the presentation of the 20-23 concept. 'It's fun, sporty and would look great on the road. He is also a symbol of the future and our future is electric,” Uchida added. After Nissan squandered its EV lead with the Leaf in recent years, the brand is now choosing to go all-in with electric cars in Europe.

'We announced a long time ago that we would no longer invest in combustion engines in Europe. Today we are here to announce that from now on, every new Nissan model launched in Europe will be fully electric," said the Nissan CEO. Quite a statement. We already knew that the brand wants to be completely electric by 2030, but Nissan is now also ruling out launching hybrids in Europe.

Nissan's electric cars in Europe

The brand will have to come up with quite a few new models in the near future. In the current European range, in terms of EVs you will only find the Leaf and Ariya (okay, and the electric vans). The fairly new e-Power hybrid system will also no longer return to our corner of the world. But according to Uchida, Nissan already has 'one of the best products' with the Ariya. They want to build on that.

“[The Ariya] is joined by a new family with even more excitement, more Nissan crossover shapes and of course more fun,” says the Nissan boss. Sigh, more crossovers and SUVs. Let's keep our spirits up and hope for a production model based on the 20-23. And maybe, just maybe, that hot hatch will get a first for Nissan: a solid-state battery.

About the special battery, Uchida says: 'ASSB (All-Solid-State Batteries) will be a breakthrough.' According to the CEO, these batteries have twice as much energy density and charging times are a third shorter. Uchida concludes with a message for European fans of petrol cars: 'There is no way back. The world must leave the combustion engine behind and move on.'