From Mission E Taycan is

Stuttgart, 13. June 2018

The future is getting closer: The first purely electrically powered Porsche starts in the year 2019. Now he has to get his name: The study Mission E as a Porsche Taycan in series. The Name is a Turkish men's given name and literally means the foal (tay) and live (can), which can be translated as "lively as a foal" or "lively young horse". So the Porsche takes the prancing horse in his coat-of-arms. "Our new electric-athletes is strong and power willingly; it is a vehicle that creates persistent over long distances and for freedom," said Porsche chief Oliver flower. At the same time, the Name is to say: Here is the first electric sports car comes with the soul of a Porsche.

Two E-engines with over 600 HP

Two electric motors with a system output of more than 600 horsepower to accelerate the car in under 3.5 seconds to 100 kph and in twelve seconds, to 200 km/h. Add to that a electric unprecedented duration of the performance vehicles so far: Multiple acceleration processes are directly behind each other without loss of performance. The maximum range is about 500 kilometers in accordance with NEDC. The four-wheel drive has a 800-Volt architecture, and is prepared for the Load of the fast charging network. This makes it possible, in around four minutes of energy for a range of 100 kilometers reloading (according to the NEDC).

Doubling of the investment in the future

Porsche intends to invest up to 2022, around six billion euros in electric mobility. Thus, the company doubled the originally planned expenditure. Of the additional three billion euros, about 500 million Euro will be invested in the development of variants and derivatives of the Taycan. Well, a billion euros goes to the electrification and hybridization of the existing product range. Several hundred million are for the Expansion of the plants as well as approximately 700 million euros in new technologies, charging infrastructure and Smart Mobility.(sl)