Four new products from the far East

Cologne/Tokyo, 9. October 2017

With four new exhibits Toyota looks at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017 (28. October to 5. November) in the future ... a Hybrid sports car with a Targa roof, a SUV, Van, Crossover, a new edition of an Upper-middle-class sedan and a true luxury liner in Retro-Look.

The GR HV Sports

The GR HV Sports is a 4.40 meters long and 1.28 meters high sports car concept, which is technically and visually inspired by the Hybrid race car TS050. With the TS050 Toyota launches routes currently in the world endurance championship. The design of the study, and the fair parquet floors features LED headlights, aluminum wheels, a rear diffuser and a Matt black finish. The Targa roof of the two-door car is also reminiscent of the Sports 800, or a Supra. The Drive? The burner sits in the front seat, the hybrid battery in the middle, and the driven axle is the rear. By the push of a button, one can leave the automatic mode of the gearbox with the gear lever in the centre console to change gear. Series chances? Not really. But maybe we'll see some of the items in the next GT86-Generation.

The TJ Cruiser Concept

The four-seat Crossover-design study of a TJ Cruiser with rear sliding doors is 4.30 meters long but can carry up to three-Meter-long items. Possible this seat will be a completely stowable front passenger, and flat-retractable rear seats. Toyota imagines that a potential customer of such a boxy SUV-want to load Vans, among other things, also surf boards or bicycles. To Secure this, with the mongrel has a lot of Eyelets and anchor points in the cargo area. The TJ Cruiser is based on a new platform called the TNGA. This is designed to be a hybrid system with 2.0-Liter gasoline engine as well as Front-and all - wheel drive. As we have a production model of this concept? You mix the current FJ Cruiser with this design study, and you will get the answer to this question is probably pretty close.

The Crown Concept

The model Crown is the longest running series Toyota. Since 1955, the manufacturer has a saloon with this name in the program. The currently 14. Generation since 2012 and 2018 that is 15 by. Generation be replaced. At least in the Asian markets, in Europe and North America, the Crown is marketed as a Lexus GS. For this reason, Toyota shows in Tokyo, a near-series study. It is also based on the TNGA platform, is 4.90 meters long, and besides a lot of space in the interior to provide an extensive networking. What time is Lexus the GS-successor (by the way, then the 5. Generation) has stopped pushing, it remains to be seen.

The very close-to-Century

In the case of the Century-study, you must let the classic Look fool you. The no-frills upper-class Toyota is transferred to 2018 in its third Generation. The first Generation was offered from 1967 to 1997, the second from 1997 to 2017. The model is larger. It is now 5.34 metres long, 1.93 meters wide and 1.51 meters high. The wheelbase measures 3,09 meters. A lot of space to have passengers especially in the rear, the cloth - or leather Seating with massage function and leg support. The biggest Surprise is under the hood. Even if no technical Details are known, so we already know that the 5.0-Liter V12 is replaced by a 5.0-Liter V8 with Hybrid support.(ml)