Ford Mustang (2018): Prices

Köln, 4. December 2017

A lot of performance for little money: According to this Motto, Ford has the 2015 Mustang in Europe. In 2018, the Facelift of the sports car will come on the market. Now the prices of the new model are known.

Changes in the performance of

As before, two engines are available to choose from, a turbocharged four-cylinder and a naturally aspirated V8. The 2.3-Liter Ecoboost engine loses some HP, in the future, there are 317 are only 290. However, the maximum torque of 432 rises to 440 Newton meters. The eight-cylinder engine with five-Liter displacement Ford from 421 HP to push on now, 450 HP, the torque remains at 529 Newton metres practically the same. Standard is a manual six-speed circuit. Optionally, there is for 2,500 euros in addition, a new ten-speed automatic. The coupe will need a Version of the V8 Mustang only 4.3 seconds from zero to 100 km/h.

Quieter through the neighborhood

Outwardly one recognizes the 2018er Mustang to the redesigned LED headlights and a flatter hood. You now meet the European requirements for pedestrian protection. Furthermore, a lane assistant and a Pre-Collision System with pedestrian detection. For the further-developed chassis, Ford offers a 2,000 euros expensive MagneRide System with adjustable dampers. Optionally, a rear wheel is also a spoiler. Inside there are more soft surfaces and more aluminum. The V8 Version of the Mustang, gets in the future, the four tailpipes. Also a new Flap exhaust system with active valve control, which reduces the noise level when needed.

Is expensive, remains favourable

The prices of the future Ford Mustang will start at 39,000 Euro for the four-cylinder, which is an increase of 1,000 Euro. The Roadster is more expensive, and 1.500 EUR 43.500 Euro. The V8 prices will rise to 2,000 euros each. The GT, the Name of the upper Mustang, is it at 46.000 euros, respectively, of 50,500 euros.(rh)