Ford GT Carbon Series presented

A regular Ford GT is not fierce enough? No problem. Ford presents namely a Carbon Series of its halo-car.

Ford introduces a lighter version of the GT, which is the appropriate name Carbon Series. The still straatlegale version of the GT slankt about 18 pounds compared to the regular GT's.

The weight reduction is among other things achieved by the installation of a titanium exhaust system. The car makes further knowledge with titanium wheel nuts to keep the weight down. The GT Carbon Series on carbon-fibre-crafted wheels, and the rear cover is made of polycarbonate manufactured. Ford has compared the already known GT's additional koelopeningen in the valve is applied. Air conditioning, a radio and Ford's Sync3 system will continue to exist, but things like cup holders and the trash can are from the GT pulled.

On the outside, the GT Carbon Series to recognize the visible carbon that occurs as the striping that is on the car runs. The lichtgewichtgoedje is also visible on the A-pillars, at the bottom of the doors and on the centre console. The GT Carbon Series is 'more fun' with a color that is applied to, among others, the zijspiegelkappen. There can be chosen from the colours silver, orange, red, and blue. The chosen color will also be found on the brake calipers. Ford says about one copy per week to build and only Ford approved' GT-clients can one order.

The 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 is not doctored.