Ford GT: Buyer selection

Cologne, 13 April 2016

The principle is known since the "Blue Mauritius": a product is rare, the more it is coveted. So it will be also in the new Ford - supercar, the GT. Officially can apply interested parties from now on, until the end of the 12th may 2016.

A few cars for money

Mind you those interested, because the new Ford GT is certainly not a mass product. Only 250 vehicles occur each year, the process now involves the production of the first two years, so 500 pieces. Although the first customer cars will be delivered end of 2016, but most customers have to practice patience. And bring a good stuffed account: the price ranges between 500,000 and 550,000 euro for a car. In return, you get a carbon flounder with a more strong than 600 HP 3.5-liter bi turbo including seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Selection in the candidate process

Because Ford is that there are plenty more applicants than vehicles, in the clear, it separates the men from the wheat already during the planning process. Finally, it should be avoided that there's fun orders. Loyal Ford customers who swear by for years on the brand or interested parties who have already a previous model of the GT (or even more), have "fundamentally better cards". But also normal earners must be not sad: on the Internet, every GT fan can at least virtually put together his dream car and share via social media.

Helper and supervisor in a person

What's next, if you actually listened to the elect? You will be contacted personally and receives the so-called "Ford GT Concierge service". Specially trained experts is hiding behind it. You help at the conclusion of the purchase contract, but also in the delivery and delivery of the vehicle. Delivery according to customer request directly at his place of residence or at a Ford dealer. The "concierge" instructs the proud owners in the features of the GT. Without background Ford does not offer this service: "We understand the GT customers as an Ambassador of the brand," says Henry Ford III., the Global Chief Marketing Officer of the Division "Ford Performance". Translated: You want to avoid, that flashy figures in the GT the sow let out. (rh)