For the top one thousand

Stuttgart, 19 November 2014

Luxury, Status, exclusivity and perhaps a bit swank and showing off? These are meaningful words that are considered, at least in Germany with suspicion rather than admiration. This is along the lines of " I have indeed money and power, but I see this better not " lived. Something else is running in the Russia, China or the USA. Not surprising that the Daimler AG, the world premiere of the new Mercedes - Maybach S - class first keeps on the Chinese " Auto Guangzhou " to them then to present at the Auto Show ( 21 to 30 November 2014) in Los Angeles.

A separate " sub-brand "

One great thing, in two respects: First, Mercedes - Maybach is no contemptible equipment line, but ?? such as Mercedes - AMG ?? a separate " sub-brand " of the company, under the future vehicles from Mercedes to be offered with exclusive features of the former luxury brand Maybach. Second, the new flagship is again about 20 inches longer than the standard S - Class long-wheelbase version. Thus, the Kahn grows to an impressive 5.45 meters total length.

Keeping a low profile, the ship

Key differentiator is the new sideline: The large rear doors were, in spite of the length increase, reduced by nearly seven inches. You have no more triangle window, since these were installed in the C - pillar. Other features are located at the rear of the Maybach logo and 20 - inch forged wheels. And otherwise? Since the ship is conspicuously inconspicuous. A modified radiator grille along with large openings and three double slats in chrome with vertical trim strips and two built-in bumper chrome tailpipes, that's it. But just a little German understatement that resonates outside there. Were it not for the large surface shiny rims that would remind a bit on the trashy-chic AMG nineties.

Technology Bomber and wellness temple

Inside, you have to feel like a fine leather handbag. Nearly every surface was covered with quilted nappa leather. But the business steamer is also a technique bombers of tomorrow with the amenities of a spa temple at the same time. An elaborate sound insulation banished all disturbing noises outside and will help the sedan to the quietest car interiors. The automatic climate control with individual zone for each of the four seats optional sprayed perfume a fragrance system. In the rear, it can make the passengers comfortable armchairs with standard reclining and optional hot-stone massage function, while they drink champagne from the handmade chalices. If one still wishes to the driver ( which is exceptionally not included), the spoken word is automatically recorded and played back with a slightly increased volume on the stereo in the front seats.

Once everything, but surely

The bouquet of safety systems ( enumerate all, would probably be beyond the scope here ), although to eradicate the worst of potential accident hazards, it is but a violent collision, blows in almost every angle of the vehicle, an air bag on. Each angle is no exaggeration: Even the seat belts, which are enough passengers are electrically fitted with an airbag. They unfold in a crash on the width almost three times. So the accident force can be absorbed over a larger area.

S 500 and S 600

Even if the actual owner and fund - travelers are likely to be interested in the engine and performance of its office - litter far less than the new quarterly figures of conglomerate - XY: The driver finally needs to do what, with which he can elaborate quickly and efficiently. The buyer has the choice between two models for the workers behind the wheel. The top model of Mercedes - Maybach S 600 with 6.0 - liter V12, 530 hp and 830 Newton meters maximum torque of 11.7 liters Super Plus at the standard distance is approved. Only 8.9 liters of premium fuel calls for the smaller S 500. It generates 455 hp and 700 Nm of torque from a 4.7 - liter V8. The acceleration and top speeds are identical: 5.0 seconds to 100 km / h, then further, until at 250 km / h electronically conclusion is made ​​.

What `s are for?

So V8 or V12 but the? If engine, prices ( which, incidentally, are not yet known ) and consumption do not matter, you should make the purchase decision perhaps the associated gear dependent. While there will be the Zwölfender in S 600 only with the seven-speed automatic, works in the smaller S 500 already the new nine-speed automatic. In addition, the S 500 can be equipped from June 2015, with the permanent all-wheel drive. The case law, the deadline pressure allows the additional four-month waiting period, since the two other models can be ordered as early as February 2015. And then if still something to be happy in the first or mainly missing in the second row, the sub-brand is of course also to individual customer requirements . (ml)