For kitesurfers and coffee farmers

São Paulo ( Brazil ), October 29, 2014

With Pick - ups, it is almost always the same: Actually, they are mostly used as a beast of burden, artisans, farmers and the like. But because make pickaxes and Torfsäcke on the bed badly, let the PR departments of the manufacturers prefer surfboards or bikes charging ?? and sell the whole thing as a lifestyle vehicle. This trend also extends to emerging not just as now displays a design study of Renault.

For the presentation, the French manufacturer the São Paulo Motor Show in Brazil has chosen ( 30 October-9 November 2014). It is the largest auto show in South America. In 2012 she attracted about 748,000 visitors and is thus comparable with the IAA of the number of visitors here, which numbered approximately 928,000 ticket - buyers in 2011. The new Pick - up study called Duster Oroch based, as the name suggests, on the Duster, which is sold in South America under the brand name of the parent company Renault. It has a four-door crew cab body with space for five people. Pick - ups do in South America for almost 75 percent of the market for light commercial vehicles, which is about 920,000 vehicles. In this market, Renault has not worked, but wants to offer at least two pick-up models. The Duster derivative shown now could be one of them.

For kitesurfers or coffee farmers?

The car was designed by Renault Design Centre for Latin America ( RDAL ) in São Paulo, one of the world's five design centers of the brand. The show car is painted matt white and has a dark tinted glass roof. Orange Details, such as on the front cover and on the door handles should clarify the sportiness of the car. Instead the world of potato cultivation, soybeans or coffee you are kitesurfing chosen as a source of inspiration. The Duster Oroch stands on 18 - inch wheels with tires of size 255x60 R18. The manufacturer also highlights the high ground clearance and large plastic protection strips on the body produced

In the flanks integrated wide-angle cameras

A special feature is the roof rails, the backward pass by a roof spoiler pulls off down to the loading surface. Notches can be in this spar several kite - boards accommodate. With two wide-angle cameras that are laterally integrated into the B - pillars, the occupant may acrobatic actions of surfers hold. The images are inside reproduced in real time on a large display in the center console. In this case, the cameras can be controlled via a rotary knob next to the gear lever. As the outside there are also inside orange colored details, contrasting with the dark tone of the cockpit. Suitable for kite - idea are the dashboard, the door panels and seat covers made ​​of a material that is reminiscent of wetsuits. This Renault used a so-called cover - carving technology. In this case, an additional layer of foam is integrated into the seat, which will increase the resistance to intensive use . ( sl )