Flying Ships

Lucerne (Switzerland), 28. November 2017

The Swiss transport Museum in Lucerne is a new attraction: A new area in the hall "cruise" shows the world of hydrofoils.

Experiments on the Lago Maggiore

What do the confederates with the "flying boats"? Now, the pioneers of this technology have tested your ideas on the Swiss waters. Prior to 1900 there were various Attempts to lift a boat by means of wings out of the water. The Italian airship pioneer Enrico Forlanini (1848-1930) succeeded in 1906, on the Lago Maggiore, the first ride with a fully functioning hydrofoil. Like the airplane wings do in the water is a dynamic lift. The water flows around the wings so that the longer path on the upper Wing surface can be a force to arise, which the boat out of the water.

From Switzerland to the world

Beginning in 1919, developed Hanns von Schertel (1902-1985), the principle successfully, and founded, together with his chief designer Karl B├╝ller after the 2. World war, the company Supramar boats in Lucerne, the first commercial provider of powerful wings. The pioneer vehicle called the PT-10 was built in the water-yard in Stansstad, lake of Lucerne tested and, from 1953 on lake Maggiore in service. The following 25 years has served the lake of Lucerne as the test waters for the further developments of the Supramar, which came in use around the world. In our picture gallery we show you the most interesting Swiss hydrofoils.(rh)