Five stars V12 Coupe

Affalterbach, July 14, 2014

Coupe, Sedan, Roadster and off-roader: After the S 65 AMG, the SL 65 AMG and G 65 AMG, the new S 65 AMG Coupé is the fourth current Mercedes-battleship with a V12 engine. For fans of the V12 engine is probably already buying decision enough. But what else you can expect from a coupe with the handsome price of 244,009.50 euros?

Eco - Twelve

In the ears of lovers of the V12 biturbo it may sound almost like blasphemy: The six-liter unit has an Eco mode with start-stop function. Additionally there is a consumption of 11.9 liters. This makes the new top model 2.4 liters more economical than its predecessor CL 65 AMG, Mercedes so. A CO2 emissions of 279 g / km and the fulfillment of the Euro - 6 emissions standard that make the new Mercedes Coupé almost a decent automobile. But who cares with such a vehicle is actually the data?

Fulminant vehicle data

Therefore, for substantially: the previous top model, the S 63 AMG Coupé ( introduced in April 2014) brings 585 horsepower from a 5.5-liter V8. Mercedes now is known from the other '65 AMG models, six-liter V12 biturbo with 630 hp and incredible 1,000 Nm of torque in the coupe. This makes for a catapult launch of 4.1 seconds from a standing start to 100 The power is transmitted through a seven-speed automatic, and in contrast to the available four-wheel drive predecessor only to the rear wheels. The transmission can be driven in Sport, Eco or manual mode. Circuit makes the Schwabe like most electronically: At 250 km / h Optionally can be delayed by this rate with a ceramic brake system.

On cloud nine

Despite top athletes genes, the chassis is S-Class typically also designed for comfort. It sets the car similar to a motorcycle or ski into the turn. Premiered the chassis already in the S 63 AMG Coupé. Here, however, only in the rear-engined variant. For the four-wheel vehicle, the system is not available. The function can be selected as one of three driving modes of the chassis and is then active in a speed range of 15 to 180 km / h. These early detection of bumps in the road comes. The chassis is so even before the approaching bumps constantly new and should thus provide a luxurious and stately feel.

All that glitters is chrome

AMG-specific features of the exterior of the two-door S-Class are the numerous design elements in chrome. On the front spoiler of the large central star, all of the air inlet grille, the trim bar, the side air guide elements and the front splitter is chromium-decorated. The side, next to the V12 Biturbo lettering on the fenders exported in the chrome inserts on the side skirts. Then there are the polished 20-inch wheels. The two chromed twin tailpipes of the exhaust system are integrated into the rear bumper and, together with two further trim the chrome fittings of the rear.

Luxury interior

The passenger compartment could be the inner of a leather handbag. Almost every part of the interior is coated with a cowhide. The luxury two-door also comes with an extensive standard equipment on electrical and technical assistants. The AMG sports seats are electrically adjustable, have a memory function, seat heating and air conditioning of. If the driver takes them in place, it can monitor all the data of his vehicle on a 31.2 inch large screen behind the three-spoke sports steering wheel. The fact Displaying speedometer points to potential: Up to 360 km / h displayed. Whether he could do that, if he were not governed?

heads up

For more information about the driver receives the associated standard equipment head-up display. Here can be many functions of Kombiintruments in a simplified form to display in the field of vision of the driver. The gadget can linger while retrieving the data from the driver's view of the road. This makes the head-up display next to the 360 - degree camera and park - and driving assistants to another security feature.


Who can bring themselves and would like to order a Mercedes for almost 250,000 euros, which is now available. The end of September the comfort coupe with S-class ambience merchants. (ml )