First up-without image

Stuttgart, February 23, 2017

You know Yes the procedure of the automaker before a large fair. There is an important new model, is only too happy to cut the salami. In many, very thin slices. So, it maintains the interest and remains present in the media. Mercedes-Benz also know how to play this game and presented convertible now, less than two weeks before the Geneva Motor Show 2017 (9 to March 19), a pretty vague, first look at the new E class.

One and one are together

While the Daimlerschen obfuscation artists had must actually not so much endeavor, because who can count one and one together, already knows how to look the Open E. Stuff the new E-class Coupé and the convertible versions of the current C - and S-class in the imaginary and hey presto simply, already clearly see the fifth member of the new E-class family before himself. For us this means: of course there is a fabric hood again and we go by the bulk of the E-class Coupe from a length of 4.85 metres. In the official talk this means then: "The E-class cabriolet combines purist, sensual design with ample long-distance comfort for four people and modern technology."

Engines from the E-class Coupé

Speaking of technology: the motors are likely to also be taken over by the E-Coupé. Expect 220 d with 194 HP, two four-cylinder gasoline engine with 184 (E 200) and 245 HP (E 300), as well as a six-cylinder petrol engine with 333 PS (400 E) the E to start. Other variants, including the hot AMGs with 401 (E 43) up to 612 PS (S 63 S) should soon follow.

These are the other Mercedes news

Should you be eventually 2017 tired convertible in Geneva on the E-class have seen Mercedes offers few other new products your tired eyes. These include the E-class Coupé, the E 63 S T model, the AMG GT C Roadster Edition 50, as well as the facelift of the GLA. For those who like more robust, is expected to in the study of the new X-class-pick-ups as well as 650 Landaulet enjoy the slightly crazy Mercedes Maybach G. Also in Geneva this: Special-Edition models of the SL and the SLC and two Edition models of smart (fortwo convertible Brabus #2 and crosstown forfour editions) and AMG (C 63 S cabriolet Ocean Blue Edition and C43 Coupé night Edition). (black & white)