First pictures of the Concept EQA

Stuttgart, 7. September 2017

The upcoming Frankfurt motor show (12. - 24. September) is for Mercedes to the great electric show stage. Ready for series production is still nothing, what is rolling on the as always, opulent Daimler Stand on the stage, but we'll get a better idea of how the star is rolling out its current strategy for 2019.

Electric-Compact Class

New teaser images of the so-called Concept EQA show us now, as a purely electric compact car from Mercedes could look like in the future. The EQA acts as if you had the, in Geneva, shown in the EQC (the Compact-SUV will be blocked from 2019, the first EQ series vehicle) with the next A-class Generation in a romantically lit room. From the EQC, we know now that is not to differentiate the production model is visually great by the study. For the EQA, we expect a similar approach. For information on the technical data of the compact Electrician, we are the Premiere us up to the ILO on 12. September have to wait. Is expected to have a range of around 500 kilometers.

Confusion to the booth-image

For confusion, a photo provides, however, already far advanced, the IAA trade fair stands of the Sindelfingen. To see: A very small, fairly round, two-door electric SUV, which differs quite significantly from the Teaser images of the Concept EQA. In addition, a large EQ-sports coupe, with the typical AMG Grill, we can't yet identify also. Let's see what Surprises the Daimler for the IAA still has in the quiver. Sure is: in addition to the extension of the EQ family (among other things, Mercedes presented the fuel-cell-study-GLC Q-Cell EQ-Power), it is mainly a performance: in addition to the new AMG G-class and the new Facelift, S-class coupe and convertible maintain the Fans in the first line on the AMG Hypercar Project One. The 275-piece limited edition road race car gets a from the in-house formula-1-derived 1.6-Liter V6 Hybrid with over 1,000 horsepower.(sw)