Finger in the future

Las Vegas (United States), 5 January 2017

Only the future, then the present. It sounds paradoxical, each year in January in the United States practiced: at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (5th to 8th January 2017) manufacturers and suppliers show their long-term visions, while a few days later the marketable new products in the spotlight at the auto show NAIAS in Detroit (8-22 January 2017). We show which dares views of Morgen BMW within the framework of the CES.

BMW i inside future: views of the i5?

Somewhere between study and sculpture, the concept car is "BMW i inside future" located. Parts of the exterior design could point out on a future i5, but the Interior is crucial. Here, BMW wants to show how to sitting in the car in the future and use the most important elements. The magic word is "HoloActive Touch". This is a free ad in the area above the center console. She can be controlled directly with the fingers. An ultrasonic source emits tactile feedback to the input. An actual user interface is not affected.

Still autonomous in the 5 series

On the basis of a new 5 Series Sedan, BMW shows how driving a car in the near future will look like: networking, personalized and highly automated, on defined routes you can completely leave the cross lead the system in the car in addition to the longitudinal and take their hands off the wheel. The driver assistance systems that are used today in the series are based. Via advanced gesture control, you can retrieve information about places and buildings along the route.

Parcel delivery to the car

New is a personal assistant on the basis of Microsoft Cortana, comparable with Siri von Apple system the speech input commands. With his help, you can for example a suitable restaurant recommendation proposed and reserved a table. The "passenger mode" is interesting. Due to the route, the system knows when the vehicle automated driving State passes and passengers have time to watch movies via Amazon Prime video. Once a film is launched on the rear seats, Dim down the light and the Sun blinds are closed. Speaking of Amazon: about a so-called 'open mobility cloud"of Prime-now service the shipping giant is involved in all of the user's terminal equipment in the vehicle. So, order online can be abandoned. It's still not very extraordinary, but service can be effected at a point along the route. Time is money. Also in the future. (rh)