Finally: The new Mercedes G-class is here

Detroit, 15. January 2018

Icon, a luminary, a legend, simply choose your favorite tribute for the Mercedes G-class. You know it's probably self-Built since 1979, more than 300,000 times sold THE site-in-chief par excellence, in recent years, more and more dressed up for the Super-G., On request, with portal axles, six wheels and 450 mm of ground clearance as well as Super-Nobel-interior and 630-HP twin-turbo V12. The former military ascetic is indeed to have come so far in his unique career.

World premiere at the Auto Show in Detroit

Also unique is the successor is expected to be a decision. Or do you know of another car that appears to 39 years, for the first time, only to have the same look as before? But of course appearances can be deceiving. As well as all the new G-class is also new. And, of course, much much better than before. Even with regard to the terrain features. And because the G-class will be produced at Magna in Graz, she was now on the occasion of the Auto Show in Detroit of 2018, the Mercedes Boss, Dieter Zetsche, along with the native Grazer, movie star and Ex-California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, presented together.

Much wider

We don't come to the externals – no. of Zetsche (sneakers) and Arnie (cowboy boots). Even experts will twice have to look closely to distinguish the new from the old G-class. Mercedes speaks of tight-drawn, more strongly taut surfaces and a raised surface quality. In addition, bumpers and wheel arches look now integrates better into the overall work of art. Or, as Mercedes puts it "less additive".Much more important: The New one is 53 mm longer and a whopping 121 millimeters wider than before. This helps to date is rather sparse space, the G-class properly on the jumps. The leg space in the back grows to enormous 150 mm, for the elbow, there are at least 56 millimeters, more freedom.

Inside, the biggest differences

Even the interior. Here at the new G-class is felt most of all. The Cockpit is completely new, even if classic grip such as the grip in front of the passenger or the chrome switches were retained locks for the differential. The nostalgic features that you are looking standard on the classic round instruments. All other can order a huge 12.3-inch Display-Twins (under a cover glass together), we already know from the E - and S-class. Of course, the G has now also the latest assistance systems. Thanks to the first built-in electro-mechanical steering also via solutions such as the Park assistant. The rear Bank manifold is foldable. For a surcharge there is a Active multi-contour seat package with massage function, climate of the seat, or inflatable side bolsters. So that the afflicted body does not slip even in the most inhospitable terrain around, like a wine brand in the giant swivel.

Terrain-values improved in all

And while we're on the topic: All of the black painter in the new edition of the complete loss of all off-road properties feared to be – on paper at least – a significantly better taught. It remains at the head of the frame, it remains in the case of the three 100-percent differential locks and the low range gearing is even translated shorter than in the past. Ground clearance between the axles? Fording depth? Ramps and slope angle? To put all of them. The place to the ground rises to 241 mm. The front of it are even 271 mm. The wading depth grows by ten to 70 inches, the approach angle of 30 and 31 degrees, the ramp angle to 26 degrees.

170 pounds lighter

Thus, the G-class rumbles on normal roads-so-awkward-around, Mercedes has designed in collaboration with AMG has a completely new chassis. At the rear, it remains a (now with four trailing arms and a Panhard rod led) rigid axle, the front for the first time, an independent suspension with a double wishbone axle. For the retention of the all-terrain ability, the axes have been placed higher, the stiffness of a strut brace in the engine compartment is improved. For the agility certainly benefit: thanks to the new material mix of Aluminium and high-strength steels, the 2018er-G-class Slims down to a remarkable 170 pounds and all the 55 percent is more rigid. In combination with the significantly increased track width of the new G should go now so noticeably better around the corner.

New Off-Road Mode

Whether you use the new Dynamic-Select-need for solution, you may would like to choose. Now you get – in combination with the optional Adaptive suspension – even in the G-class is the inevitable driving modes. A total of five. Comfort, Sport, Eco and Individual, you already know. New is the so-called "G-Mode". Your criminal or Rapper career, he will probably help on the jumps, the riding qualities in the terrain. Is enabled, the reduction or one of the three differential locks, the G-Mode. This adjusts damping, steering and Accelerator response to the Terrain, and avoids unnecessary Shifting for better off-road control.

240 euros more expensive

We should still talk about the drive. At the Start of the new model, there is exactly one. The well-known 4.0-Liter-Biturbo-V8 with 422 HP and 610 Newton meters in the G 500. He now depends on the well-known nine-speed automatic transmission and should consume 11,1 liters average. Driving performance is not called a Mercedes before, a price. The new G-class starts at 107.041 Euro and is exactly 240 euros more expensive than before. An AMG range-topping is sure to follow. Is the 630 HP strong G 65 again, however, may be doubted. Live you can the new G-class up to 28. January at the Detroit Motor Show to admire. The market launch takes place in may 2018.(sw)