Film car under the hammer

Boston June 25, 2014

Desire for extravagance? Fancy tremendous firepower? If the answer to either of these two questions is yes, you should have stopped by to 26 June 2014, on the website of RR Auctions in Boston. Here is a very special used cars for sale. A Chrysler Imperial, despite his stately age of 49 years has only a mere 115,000 km on the clock. These little previous owners and a lot of weaponry.

special equipment

Armament? Highly visible enthroned two machine guns on the hood of used cars. A rocket launcher in the front apron and a flamethrower in the radiator grille are of course standard equipment and not just in the big city an advantage.

Previous owners in the vehicle registration document

The last owner was not a crazy gun nut or the American army, but " The Green Hornet " from the film of 2011. Although this represents only half the truth, and the actual previous owner Sony Pictures sound half as exciting, one-time offer remains there. For when one comes ever to imagine a tank into the local garage?

The Black Beauty

The black Imperial, "The Black Beauty", was conceived as a film car of Dennis McCarthy and built by Vehicle Effects in California. A single piece with the green lighting was the beauty of it in any way. 29 Chrysler whole there was for the film. 27 vehicles were already shooting the victims, but deuces remained the fate of destruction spared. An Imperial, who had his appearance before the innerfilmischen modification and is therefore largely remained faithful to the series, and said standard model, which now comes under the hammer.

Not for the VW Golf driver

Whoever buys a car? The wallet of the future owner should always have a certain flexibility. In addition, the potential owner needs a good dose of self-confidence, because the black beauty is striking. She screams for attention on the road.

Participate? No thank you!

With a souped up sports car you can still quips, one would need a gun license in order to drive the car may. Here is a metaphor from the deadly serious. Although the German TÜV may enjoy the unusual sight, the bitter taste is there but still writing: TÜV? Not in Germany . (ml )