Fiat 600e: 1st driving impression – Does it have enough to match the success of the 500?

Our first kilometers with the big brother of the 500e

Top Gear is just getting out of the new Fiat 600e. You can read our full test report in our November issue (in stores at the end of October); now the highlights.

Test object: Fiat 600eVersion: La PrimaLocation: TurinWeather conditions: sunny and 30 degrees

What do we have here?

It's the new Fiat 600e. Electric, indeed, but there will also be a hybrid soon. After the demise of the Punto a long time ago, this is Fiat's return to the B-segment – sort of.

What do you mean 'kind of'?

Because you may wonder how 'B' is still a car of almost 4.20 meters long with slight crossover tendencies. Especially if, like our top-of-the-line test copy, it also costs more than 40 grand. But hey: times, they change.

Can I already know him from somewhere?

Of course. In terms of design, it of course relies heavily on the 500e, something that did not immediately appeal to us in the photos, but in real life it appears to be a lot more successful. And underneath we find technology that we have seen before on, well, pretty much all Stellantis products, from Mocha to E-2008.

A few specs?

156 hp, a 54 kWh battery, fast charging with 100 kW (20 to 80 percent in 27 minutes), driving 400 kilometers on a charge. Fiat says it has paid extra attention to the space on board, and that seems to be true: unlike many of its in-house competitors, we fully grown Dutch people can sit decently in the back. The luggage space is also excellent at 360 liters.

How does it drive?

Pleasantly spicy, but not overly sporty. The chassis is tailored to Italian bumpy streets and the steering focuses more on parking than on parkour. It is quiet, including road noise, and the operation of the infotainment and other functions is straightforward.

How much does the Fiat 600e cost?

There are only two versions, the Red and the La Prima, in all kinds of cool colors (and no gray). Prices start at 35,990 euros (34,290 euros in Belgium); the La Prima we tested costs 40,990 euros.

Read our full driving test of the Fiat 600e in TopGear Magazine 221, in stores from October 26!