Fiat 500 looks (almost) like Porsche 911

Nürburgring, 8. August 2017

On Facebook images have been published, a Frankenstein-Fiat 500 show, you should probably look at as a Porsche 911. To blame for this perplexing result is a non-closer-called Greek with significantly too much time.

Porsche does not build up Cygnet

Perhaps the builders hoped that Porsche would emulate one day Aston Martin, the us in 2012, with the Toyota IQ-based city car-dream Cygnet gladdened. Unfortunately, the Zuffenhausen-based company, however, make no attempt whatsoever to switch to the hard-fought dwarves Segment. So the disappointed Hellene even put on Hand.

And then 996

The Fiat 500 appears to be a fundamental logical choice, finally, he has his drive in the rear. Unfortunately, the similarities with the Porsche 911 are exhausted already. Furthermore, you have to wonder why the Creator of this gorgeous creature has, of all things, on the appearance of the "visually challenging" Porsche is 996. But if you look at the end result, there is no need for such discussions anyway. Be that as it may, you must glue your eyes to this vehikulare bliss, as long as you want. We can avert our.(sw)