Festival of speed 2016

Goodwood, 1 July 2016

The Goodwood Festival of speed, which was unique in the world and craziest motorsport event in southern England, this year from June 23 to 26 already held for the 24th time. But not this number was important, but a completely different: 40 years ago, so in 1976, formula 1 legend became world champion James Hunt. The Festival celebrated the fearless daredevil, who led the rampant life of a rock star and on the race track with Niki Lauda not only had hot fighting, with some special cars, which played a role in Hunt's career. Goodwood-sponsor and timekeeper TAG Heuer presented hunts even two limited edition watches to honour.

Prominent actor and racing driver

Prominent actor and racer Patrick Dempsey, Derek Bell, Jenson button and Keanu Reeves looked in the 'Drivers Club' by TAG Heuer as well past as the motorcycle racing driver Sabine Holbrock, and two sons, James Hunt, Tom and Freddie. In the drivers Club, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Paddock of the Festival of speed, go almost all drivers on and off, entering the now world famous mountain route with their race cars. And not a few are, for the time schedule of the 2016er Edition of the Festival consisted of approximately 340 cars and 60 motorcycles. And that means that around 400 riders and skiers on the spot are to deal with the "Hill climb" 86 rally cars with drivers who drive on a somewhat secluded forest slopes, not counting mischief dusty.

TAG Heuer formula 1 James Hunt Edition

The Swiss watch brand presented in honour of exceptional racing driver who died in 1993 of a heart attack James Hunt at Goodwood the two watches as anniversary Special-Edition models of the "formula 1 collection". The clocks of the "TAG Heuer Formula 1 James Hunt Edition" is available either with a strap made of steel or a Natostrap. It is a close cooperation with the "James Hunt Foundation" and Freddie Hunt, who is racing his father. The peculiarity of the 43 mm chronograph is a red blue yellow line running over the dial, the in the the Natostrap is recorded. These three colors are until today the colours of the Wellington Ed College, which went to hunt, and they also Hunt's racing helmet. The watches are limited to 1,000 each, and 1,300 euros with steel bracelet and 1,150 euros with the Natoband. First of all the watches are available, whether they will be available in Germany only in the UK, is not yet fixed.

Drivers Club with red-carpet

The watch brand TAG Heuer is official timekeeper of the Festival of speed for six years. The drivers Club was aligned in 2016 for the third time by the company. At the entrance of the drivers of "Club walkway", a kind of red carpet, where photographers and autograph hunters gather, to meet the prominent riders Club can be found by the way. This year, the walkway with historical images of James Hunt was decorated.

The race car of James Hunt

In the TAG Heuer Pavilion directly on the Paddock was among others James Hunt's racing car made from Lotus 59 and the current formula 1 car by Red Bull, the RB12, whose originating from Renault motor bears the name of TAG Heuer. Among other things a TS9B of Cosworth of Surtees were on the mountain line, where hunt was third in his first formula 1 race, the 308B, with the Hunt's Hesketh Cosworth drove home his first Grand Prix victory and the McLaren-Cosworth M23 with which he 1976 took the world title. (ph)