Ferrari J50: Only ten copies

Tokyo (Japan), 13 December 2016

Ferrari celebrates fifty years of the brand in the Japanese market with an exciting special model, the new J50. The extreme look and the even more extreme limits make already short the J50 after presenting the coveted collector's item.

Special retro styling

The Ferrari J50 is based on the open 488 spider and is also its 3.9-liter V8, but optimized from 670 to 690 HP. The body is completely redesigned and reminiscent of the barchetta models that the Italian company has built in the 1950s with the low windshield. Contribute also the flat front hood, the raised wheel arches and the two air intakes on the front of the car. The J50 is designed as a Targa vehicle and features a carbon roof, which can be take out and stowed in two parts behind the seats.

The price? Would we like to know

The J50 is used by the "Ferrari special projects" Department built and designed by the in-house design team in Maranello. Who wants to whip out the checkbook is now, we must disappoint the. Of the J50 only ten are built and we're pretty sure that these long have been distributed to a few very lucky and very loyal Ferrari customers. Oh yes, these must be also very rich. Although no official price is known, but already the basis in the form of a 488 spider fails with at least 240,000 euros. Since then the personalization depends according to customer requirements and very quickly it goes toward half a million euros and more. (mf)