Fear in the forest

Las Vegas (USA), April 13, 2015

When Shelby American has once again transformed into a Ford flammenspeiendes a monster that makes this country, although for some amusement, but more often not. You can see the cars on this side of the pond finally do not. The latest string of Carroll Shelby's descendants is true, in terms of availability, while similar, a bit more attention is still appropriate in this case, probably, drag her cowboy hat and say hello to Shelby Baja 700th

With 700 hp everywhere

Well, the Baja 700 is not based on the all-new Ford Raptor, but on that of 2011 was built until 2014 predecessor, but he did it in spite of everything more than themselves. Shelby adds the 6.2-liter V8 namely with a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger ( Whipple also supplies Ford's motorsport department with high performance components ) and larger throttle valves and injectors. Together with the new Borla exhaust system elevates the performance of 411 to over 700 hp. Shelby CEO Joe Conway says: " The Shelby Baja 700 was sprout pad to take any terrain in attack. " Therefore, it is also equipped with a race-ready off-road suspension includes special 18-inch BFGoodrich tires K02. Of course, a possible race-ready pasting should not be missed and if you like it more proper, receives an additional charge new front and rear aprons Rogue Racing.

$ 45,000. Without the car

Shelby American will produce exactly 50 copies of the Baja 700. The price for the uninhibited offroad fun is US $ 45,000 (about 42,430 euros ). The matching Ford Raptor you should bring itself however, it is not included in the price. Akos Feher for, Shelby's Vice President of Operations, the investment, however, seems to be paying quite: "Fifty lucky owner will have the nastiest, most dynamic and best looking truck, we offer a truck that flourish properly under the most extreme conditions.. " German underground garages and a jam-contaminated Munich during rush hour it will thus probably not meant. (sw)