Fast as a Porsche

Cologne, August 25, 2016

All of course doesn't really make much sense. But it's been very interesting to what extent you can sell the physics for stupid. This has proved once more Volvo trucks. With a devastating strong truck called "The Iron Knight". The neat Knight weighs 4.5 tons, in 4.6 seconds 0-100 km/h, and manages a top speed of 276 km/h. How that is possible? Due to sheer power, a very strong double-clutch and probably thanks to the help of pretty rugged tires.

6,000 nm

A kind of central motor provides propulsion of the Iron Knight. The diesel has 13 liters of displacement. He presses 2,400 Horsepower and 6,000 nm of torque. Based on this data, you can pull all available hats before the so-called "originial-I-shift" double-clutch. Goodyear provides the pitiful performance tires. Based on the hotel's own truck tyres, it has created a special blend for the world record Monster. Come forward in size 315/70 on the drive axle plug pneus R22, 5 used tires size 495/45 R22, 5.

500 meters in less than 14 seconds

Volvos mega-truck over 500 and 1,000 metres achieved the new speed records with standing start. The iron Knight completed the half a kilometer in 13.71 seconds with an average speed of 131,29 km/h. The km was 21,29 seconds. The average speed was here 169.09 km/h. To meet the requirements of a Guinness world record, the track had to ever be driven twice. The average is calculated the official record time.

Set your own record

The record truck was piloted by the Swedish racing luminary Boije Ovebrink. A closed test track in northern Sweden served as a suitable terrain. Ovebrink powdered with "The Iron Knight" his own record from the year 2012. Also here he used a Volvo Truck one, however hybrid. "The Mean Green" remains the world's fastest hybrid trucks. (black & white)