Far more than just leistungsgesteigert

Affalterbach, 24 June 2016

At first glance, the new Mercedes-AMG GT R may be only an uprated version of the GT with large rear spoiler. But some real technical innovations plug it in it. Mercedes now represents the cars on the traditional track of Brooklands in South-West of London.

Other turbocharger and modified engine control

The famous 4.0-liter Biturbo V8 was brought to 585 HP. The 75 additional HP compared to the GT come S from new turbochargers as well as a modified engine control. Among other things increased the pressure compared to the GT from 1.20 to 1.35 bar. The power to weight ratio reduces the additional performance and a 15 kilos less total mass of 3.2 to 2.8 kilos per HP. The standard Sprint works S. two-tenths as a result, in 3.6 seconds faster than in the GT. The maximum speed has been slightly improved, located here at 318 km/h.

Coil-over suspension for an individual setup

The specially developed coil-over suspension is one of the technical novelties. It allows the driver to mechanically and continuously to adjust the suspension to its needs. The so-called uni ball bearings at the lower transverse links of the rear axle is from motor sport. You should prevent that change track and Camber under high load. A thicker anti-roll bar is also used on the rear axle.

For the first time at AMG: rear axle steering

For the first time an AMG model a rear wheel steering is also used. Two electric motors while turning the rear wheels but only to a maximum of 1.5 degrees. Up tempo 100 they are hammered in the opposite direction to the front wheels, which increases the agility and reduced the turning circle. The rear wheels are driven parallel to the front wheels over 100 km/h. This corresponds to a virtual extension of the wheelbase and improves driving stability.

Adjustable grip by AMG traction control

Another novelty is the AMG traction control: In the ESP-off mode, the driver can the slip at the driven rear axle select via a rotary knob on the center console below the vent. There are nine levels. Level one is programmed for rides when wet, level nine maximum slip to. When the wheels when accelerating reach the set value of the slip, the engine power is reduced so far, that the value is not exceeded and the vehicle with this slip further accelerated.

Active aerodynamics

New is also the active aerodynamics in the subsoil: In race mode, a carbon element at 80 km/h drives automatically approximately four centimeters down. The reinforced venturi effect reduces so the lift on the front axle, also can be more accurately draw the car at high speeds. There are also vertical fins behind the front bumper. Usually they are closed even at high speed in favour of a low air resistance. Only if the cooling air is particularly high, they will open and allow maximum cooling air to the heat exchangers.

Modified gearbox and adjustable sound

The developers have revised the seven-speed dual clutch transmission. The first course is translated longer, the seventh course shorter, which should enable a more agile acceleration experience and a spontaneous reaction to rapid gas pedal commands. The well-known "Racestart" is here by an increased start speed is even more impressive. The special exhaust system saves around six kilos of weight by Titan and thin-walled stainless steel. In addition to a large, hexagonal exhaust pipe, there are two more tailpipes left and right into the diffuser. As standard, two adjustable exhaust valves affecting the sound. They open and close depending on the selected driving program, can be controlled but also via a separate switch.

Bright green, striving in the grill and large rear wing

Visually the squeaky green spot color refers to the 'green hell' of the Nürburgring on the special position of the GT R an allusion. Also, there are wider fenders front and rear, a new front bumper and another grille. Its characteristic shape with vertical Struts is known by the customer sport racing GT3 and adorns a series production vehicle for the first time. A distinguishing feature is the special ventilation opening behind the front fenders. Other side panels with glossy black bars are another indicator. The particularly light, matte black 10-spoke wheel is also exclusively reserved the GT R. Tire size 275/35 ZR 19 come front and 325/30 ZR 20 rear.

Rigid wing at the rear

At the rear, the shiny black wings is striking is rigidly mounted. Depending on the intended purpose, can be mechanically adjust the bevel of the blade. New are also the vertical louvers and the massive double diffuser. All aerodynamic measures together to increase downforce at high speed to 155 kilos compared to the GT. Nevertheless, the drag coefficient is lower than when the GT how much, does not reveal Mercedes. Inside, there are optional Sport bucket seats, or the famous AMG performance seats. Yellow safety straps, dials with yellow accents and piano black details are optionally available. Paddles, steering wheel brace, sill and the trunk cross brace are standard in glossy black. R can be ordered is the 21 November 2016 of the GT, the launch begins in Europe in March 2017. Mercedes has not yet called the price. (sl)