Expensive toys in lava Orange

Munich, 28 April 2016

180.000 euro: As much a Porsche cost 991 GT3 RS new. Why the past tense? Well, now unfortunately all copies of the 500-Horsepower fun maker are out of print. The vehicles achieve nearly double the new price on the used market. Is this too expensive for you? Understandable. The Danish blocks giant LEGO now helps with one of the largest and most specific LEGO technology sets of all time in the 1 / 8 scale. And that for one six-hundredth of the price of the 1:1-version.

LEGO PDK as highlight

What 2016 began at the toy fair in Nuremberg as a black and white camouflage version, now shines in a beautiful 'lava orange' one of the colors in which the GT3 RS in reality was found. The highlight of the exterior should be in any case the adjustable rear wing. The hobbyist on a steering wheel with paddles can enjoy in the Interior of the model, a fact fully functional PDK gearbox operated a novelty for LEGO models. Also the working Boxer engine with moving innards can inspire. A serial number that carries any model in the glove compartment ensures the appropriate exclusivity to its counterpart in original size. A detailed dashboard and chic bucket seats complete the LEGO Interior.

Extensive construction experience

But not only the LEGO parts themselves are especially with this kit. The fun starts with the packing. The 2.704 parts are sorted by construction group and housed in individual boxes within the large cartons. The Assembly is also to insight into the production process of a real GT3 RS. As icing, a comprehensive collector's Guide with lots of information on the development of the kit is with the model. The price remains the only Downer: 300 euros for a "toy" are already a lot of money. On the other hand didn't even get an appointment with the Porsche seller for 300 euro for the "big" GT3 RS. And less fuel consumed also the LEGO version. The kit from August 1 in free trade and selected LEGO stores will be available from June 1. (mf)