Expensive tire badly

Stuttgart, March 1, 2017

Even if spring still not in sight seems in many parts of Germany, now is the right time to look after the correct tires for the coming summer. The society for technical supervision has tested 215/60 R 17 therefore eleven summer tyre for compact SUVs in the dimension and determines whether you get always a better tire for more money.

Wide product range

Eleven different brands were used in the test: Continental PremiumContact 5, Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV, Falken Ziex ZE914, Hankook Ventus Prime, Nokian Line SUV, Vredestein Sportrac 5, Nankang Green sports eco-2 +, Cooper Zeon 4XS sports, sunny SH220, Toyo Proxes CF2 SUV and Michelin latitude tour HP. The tires are in a price range from 196 to 628 euro per set and tested on an Opel mocha.

Continental WINS

It makes sense to take such price differences in buying? According to the GTÜ not. In all disciplines, slalom, wet circle, hydroplaning, handling, brakes best cut the continental PremiumContact 5 (570 euro per set). The products of Goodyear (558 euro per set) on number two, as well as hawks (466 euros per set) and Hankook (470 euros per set) aequo on third place completed the podium. Far cut off at the end of the field landed the by far most expensive tire test: the Michelin latitude tour HP for whopping 628 euros per set. Especially when braking on dry road surface, the French product failed. The tyres over five meters needed more in order to bring the test car from tempo 100 stopped a critical value that can sometimes save lives with 40.6 meters.

Expensive is not always better

In addition to the Michelin tire testers gave GTÜ also for the products of sunny and Toyo just the note "conditionally recommended". All other tires except the "very recommendable" Conti received a "recommended". As a result of this investigation, we advise to rely not only on name and price of a tire when buying tires. A look at various tests and reviews is more than just recommended. We wish you a good trip in the summer! (mf)