Everything on the screen

Sindelfingen, December 9th, 2015

The January 11, 2016 should Mercedes fans already in their calendars. On this day, will be presented in Detroit the new E-Class at the North American International Auto Show ( NAIAS ). An exclusive look into the cockpit of the 213 Series, we could already throw.


For the interior design Hartmut Sinkwitz responsible, which comes at the thought of the next E-Class into raptures. The was " a luxury vehicle below the luxury segment ." At the same time they want to " tread no path to a certain extent goes to the arbitrariness ". A jab at the Mercedes design idiom between 1995 and 2005? From " hot" and " cool" speaks Sinkwitz overlooking the new car. So a lukewarm mixture? I'm rather an idea of ​​the 2016er E-Class. Only slightly disguised she stands before me. Official specifications are not yet available, but with 4.90 meters she joins between C-and S-Class. And not only in the dimensions: Visually, the car ( depending on your taste ) like a big C - Class or a small S-Class. On the edges of the previous model to follow curves.

full roar

Decisive are here today and once the inner values ​​. The trunk is very spacious, there is hidden in the choice of high-end sound system from Burmester, a 25-liter subwoofer with 400 - watt amplifier. A total of 23 speakers, of which four in the roof, sound for the occupants. Depending on the setting also targeted rear left or right. There a lot of space for the legs is present, the round roof form does not restrict the headroom. But the focus is the driver. Or he sits, and although quite low on comfortable armchairs. As in the C - class includes for versions with automatic transmission, a rising upwards center console the pilot. If you like it not quite so immured, must pick up the manual, here, the structure is divided right angle and less bulky.

Partly filled with bulk

The heart of the E-Class cockpit are two displays. Each of them has a screen size of 12.3 inches ( 31.2 centimeters ) and a resolution of 1920 by 720 pixels. Connoisseur of the brand to know: The has been around in the S-Class. In E but lack the visually annoying plastic frame between screens, everything looks much more elegant and reminiscent of a giant smartphone. In vain, there is this solution does not, the basic design of the new E-Class receives two analog dials in tubes between which a seven-inch display is. On the right side, a 8.4 inch large screen is used, the 12.3 - inch version is available as an option. So if you do not trust the big screen, has to act according to the motto: less is more. After all: Familiar elements such as the cruise control lever on the steering wheel or the electric seat adjustment will be retained in the door.

Optics to taste

But if you like it classic, missed something: On the screen in front of the driver are three styles for the instruments can choose from classic to progressive. Further advantages of the fully digital representation are a simple switch to miles per hour ( mph ) and the insertion of other information in the circle of the rev counter, such as the navigation map. On the right of the screen, additional information may be displayed on a third of the area. By the way: a head-up display is to have in the future in the E-Class.

Always nice sensitive

And how you will conduct the super-screen? On a touchscreen Mercedes waived for reasons of safety. From the C-Class, the mouse-like touchpad on the center console is known, added a scroll wheel and voice control. Buttons allow direct access to the menus for navigation, radio and media. But special highlight are the two touch-sensitive elements in the steering wheel. About it it controls the left or right screen. Anyone who has ever owned a BlackBerry smartphone, is familiar with the operation. I can vertically and horizontally about wipe with your finger, and confirm my choice in the stripped-according to Mercedes-board menu via a central pressure. The whole thing should work even with gloves, but in the first test sensitivity is required. The response to my wiping movements could be even a little faster. What is the benefit in practice, must face a test next year. One thing is for me but now: The always standard Mercedes-solution is better than the gesture control in the new BMW 7 Series. But who will change from other brands, and even from the previous model in the upcoming E-Class, must get used to it first. The necessary sensitivity for the touch pad in the steering wheel will be learned, especially with thick and strong fingers. (rh)