Even if you want to drive a simple VW Polo, it costs 70,000 euros in this country

Even before you have been to the showroom

In various messages we write, we also mention the price of our southern neighbors. When we look at petrol and diesel cars, prices in Belgium are often more favorable than here. But a small consolation: the grass can still be a lot less green. For example, driving a car in Singapore costs at least 70,000 euros. And you don't even have a car yet.

In 1990, Singapore decided to put an end to endless traffic jams and the associated CO2 emissions. The country introduced the Certificate of Entitlement (COE). People must have a certificate to be allowed to drive a car. You can obtain such a certificate by bidding at an auction. Are you offering enough? Then you can drive a car for ten years. Has the document expired? Then you can bid again or sell your car.

COE prices are rising

The certificates for cars are divided into two categories. Category A consists of cars with an engine no larger than 1.6 liters and a power of up to 132 hp and EVs with a power of up to 150 hp. Stronger cars and cars with a larger engine fall into category B. In total, about 1,000 certificates are auctioned per month among the 5.5 million inhabitants.

After the pandemic, prices for COEs have increased significantly. Ten years ago, the certificates went for approximately 45,000 euros each. That's already a lot of money, but according to government website One Motoring you pay approximately 70,000 euros for category A cars. You even pay around 100,000 euros for the heavier and stronger cars. If you want to drive a Fiat Multipla with a diesel engine, you will have to do a ton of work.

Due to the high prices, residents are calling on the government to adjust or ban the certificate system. There has so far been no response from policymakers in Singapore. We don't want to give anyone any ideas, but with this system you do get people on public transport or in shared cars.