Erlkönig: Porsche 718 Boxster GTS

Nürburgring, 21. July 2017

Again and again our spy photographer at the Nordschleife of the nürburgring Station, because now every manufacturer sends pretty much testing of the vehicles on the demanding Eifel course ... so is Porsche. And the Zuffenhausen-based company appear currently to be, to make a sportier Version of the 718 Boxster on the legs. Maybe a GTS model?

Different Front, different rear axle

The latest photos of the prototypes show no very different look. Only if you Look closely, you can see that the air intakes in the front apron were changed, compared to a standard Boxster S. There is also a small sliver can be found below. Deeper than a Standard Boxster, the car is also and at the rear you can see a more complicated running a diffuser. The exhaust systems Layout, nothing will change.

Decent Increase In Performance

As we know the GTS models of the other Porsche model series, will also come the new Boxster GTS is a subtle increase in performance. As a base for the engine upgrade for the 2.5-Liter four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine from the S will serve. The boxer engine delivers 350 HP and 420 Newton meters of torque. Reckoning time, with around 370 HP and 450 Newton meters in the GTS Version. The chassis and suspension and revised brakes to support the extra performance in terms of sportiness.

Premiere at the IAA?

Officially, the 718 Boxster GTS will be unveiled, probably later this year. Whether the Roadster will, however, be seen in mid-September at the Frankfurt motor show, is not entirely clear. A secondary role on the floor of the auto show in here. The main role is played 2017 in Frankfurt, namely the new Cayenne. But just be patient.(ml)