Environmentally friendly exhaust delete with little

Stuttgart/Wiesbaden, 8th August 2016

Mercedes is pleased to be a major contract by the Hessian Interior Ministry: the State provides its fire brigades with 50 vehicles of the type Mercedes Atego. Special: Already the stringent Euro 6 emission standard meet the new fire trucks. The schwarzgr├╝n ruled State thus eco-friendliness, although the exemptions for the fire brigade also Euro 5 vehicles with significantly higher particulate and NOx emissions.

5.1-liter diesel with 900 nm of torque

A permissible gross weight of almost 17 tons it's at Atego fire fighting vehicles on the torque. The ordered deletion cars of type Atego 1323, 4 x 4 have a 231 PS strong 5.1 liter four-cylinder with 900 nm of torque. He drives all four wheels through an automated eight-speed transmission. A two-stage decompression engine brake in conjunction with mechanical brake provides for the delay. The Euro 6 standard is held similar to as many cars in a cooled exhaust-gas recirculation, a particulate filter and a SCR-system with the additive AdBlue. Burn off the soot particles collected in the filter happens most easily according to Mercedes for fire-fighting vehicles, because they are usually at full speed and reach the temperature necessary for burning off as soon. This is not the case, once the driver can even start the burn process.

7.21 meters long and 3.30 meters

A design by the firm of Ziegler in so-called ALPAS construction (aluminium-Panel System) have 7.21 meters long, 3.30 meters high and 2.50 metre wide cars. It is the smallest vehicle category LF 10. There in the number of fire fighting pump in 100 litre per minute performance are so 1,000 l / min at 10 bar 10 bar in this case. A container for 1,200 litres water is located in the building, there's a group leader and eight members of the crew a cabin for nine people.

Atego: 15 different wheelbases

The 1998 launched Atego receives Euro 6 diesel since the introduction of the second generation in the year 2013. In addition to the 5.1 liter four-cylinder also a 7.7-litre six-cylinder in three PS versions can be installed in four performance levels. Anyway, the truck is very variable: 15 wheelbases, three cab lengths, four cab variants, 72 weight variations and 34 different auxiliary drives are available. In addition to the Atego, Mercedes has still the truck models of ACTROS, Antos and Arocs in the program. There are fire trucks on basis of Antos. Recently, the Mercedes plant fire brigade got six Antos vehicles. You are still stronger than the Hessian fire brigade vehicles: a 428 HP strong euro-6 six-cylinder and a twelve-speed automated transmission ensures the drive. Delete, there is a water tank with 2,500 litres and a foam tank 200 liters. The water cannon creates up to 2,400 liters per minute. (sl)