Enlargement: Cadillac working on XT6

Cadillac adds in a relatively short period of time a new SUV to its range: the XT6. That big brother of the XT5 is in today's image appeared.

Cadillac adds every new sedan that it presents to the CT family and every hoogpotige 'Caddy' will have the letters XT in its model name. We know the XT5 and XT4 already and next year adds the luxedivisie of General Motors this XT6 to his portfolio.

The XT6 is, you expect it not, a model that is above the XT5. The XT5, the successor of the SRX, only if proceed. This XT6 you can, in fact, as the wider zevenzitsbroer of that car. Expected on designtechnisch just not shocking cases, all of the lighting, however, differ from those of the XT5.

On the motorenlijst we expect, in any case, the 3,6-litre V6, an engine that we already know of the XT5. The debut, we expect next month during the Los Angeles Auto Show.