Emotionally, smoky, and funny

Hockenheimring, 9 November 2016

"The best time. In record time"as the motto of"Drive like Bruno"is an event of the BMW, Bank, which takes place every year. 2016, we were there and looked at us, what awaits the participants there. Spoiler: There are tyre smoke and many happy faces "Driving pleasure" that much.

Coffee with Bruno

Thursday morning, shortly after eight: the silence of the morning coffee Schlürfens of the self-proclaimed good-mood machine Robert "David" Fleischmann is pierced In the start and finish line lodge on the Hockenheimring. The radio presenter of Bayern 3 tries to heat the still quite tired participants. For Bruno is there. Bruno Spengler, BMW factory driver, DTM champion 2012 and just about the cutest host, the BMW himself would have to choose for this event. Soon comes the participants Hounds on tours, animate to the applauding. Bruno speaks a few words into the microphone with his sympathetic French-Canadian accent, then even the program starts. Finally, the whole day's motto is "Drive like Bruno". And driving is today a lot.

Profits, to being

Behind the "drive like Bruno" event is Spengler's main sponsor, the BMW Bank. First place Chief Volkhard Thiemann worked himself into the BMW Motorsport programme and describes the event as follows: "we submit any contracts to our winners here and discuss also no leasing at lunch. We want to loyalisieren, emotion and easy fun". Winner? Right. To belong to the 99 participants, a garage full of BMW vehicles, nor a thick purse helps. The BMW Bank is giving away the 99 participants places in various competitions. It so happens that the participants could not be different. On the one hand, Gabi, end of 50 and more of the type of "Opportunity driver". On the other side of Markus, simracing professional and racing fan. I agree with the Group of the two, and go to the first station.

i3, i8, DTM and M4

2016 the i-models by BMW at the event are included for the first time. Here we go with the i8, anticipation is spreading for the winners. Sure, driving an i8 not all days that draws. All vibrate through the double doors and make the route guided by a guide. He gives some info about the car through the radio to us more beautiful thing while driving. Then it goes with the i3 on a handling course and we are experiencing the E car is as agile. Big eyes all participants mission accomplished. But that was just the warm up program. Out of the i3, purely in the pit area. There, the current usage unit by Bruno Spengler in the DTM, a BMW is waiting for M4. That appear here not obsolete previous cars, proves the obligation to make Smartphone camera at the entrance. BMW-DTM engineer Sandro tells us what is important in the DTM. The winners are thrilled and partially speechless, how far such a DTM car is now away from the series.

Slalom in M4

It continues. Away from the DTM-M4, purely in the streets-M4. Pending a slalom course, the stopwatch is ticking. 431 HP strong Coupé demands more some participants, as their driving skills are here, it does but not detract from the fun. Game is chasing the M4 to the pylons, one or other small drift included. Then it's the agent turn new ground for all winners. Driving is with 2 BMW and automatic transmission. The theory is simple: full throttle reverse, back, left hand on the right steering wheel spoke and at the right moment, at the same time lift the gas and turn the steering wheel. As soon as the car rolls back straight, the forward in and continue. But as so often theory and practice some shoes are two different. Half twists, cars that ROAR at idle and a desperate instructor you can say that we had a lot of fun at the turn of the agent. Giant plumes of smoke rise in the background. Bruno Spengler and his fellow riders invite to taxi rides in M models, this happened "accidentally" also the one or the other Burnout in the pit lane.

Fuel talk at lunch

At lunch, which is also the BMW racing professionals Eng Jörg Müller, Lucas Luhr, Phillip and of course join Bruno Spengler, we look at enthusiastic faces. Fuel discussions at each table, photos will be sent and collected autographs. The BMW Bank knows how to correctly gives "Sheer driving pleasure" without reduced the event to a sales event. Warm up the FB02-Formula BMW race car in the pit lane. Right, the highlight follows in the afternoon. Formula car ride for everyone? Only when "Drive like Bruno".

A round of the formula car

Before it goes into the claustrophobic tight formula racing cars, a BMW - driver explains the fairly simple technique of the entry-level car. ABS, traction control, power steering? Error display. Many participants will quit with blisters on the hands and krampfenden muscles. But it will be worth. 145 HP meet 465 kilograms, the weight of the performance can be seen. Behind a BMW M6 as a command vehicle is on the track. Every bump impact directly. The engine revs, switching is only at 9,000 rpm. The wind tugs at the helm, the brake squeezes together the small car. Again, the experience is much too fast to end. All are excited and full of respect for the pilots who compete in race in the formula one cars long.

Award ceremony with Bruno

At the end of the day, the best M4 slalom pilots will be honored by Bruno Spengler, goodie bags and Selfies with the pros for all. And even if today no leases have been signed 99 people are definitely BMW fans become. If you want to be next year at "Drive like Bruno" it, you should ever are looking for the next competition. It's worth. (mf)