Elise racing for the road?

Nürburg, August 20, 2014

Sometimes a nothing but wild speculation remains. Just as in the case of the Lotus Elise S Cup R, who was recently caught on the Nordschleife as Erlkönig. With number plates. " Do not ask ," is the response of Lotus on the vehicle shown here. Ah yes.

Aerodynamics as the Elise - Cupfahrzeug

It is an Elise, that's for sure. However, the additional aerodynamic components are new. They resemble those of 2014er racing cars Elise S R Cup to the hair. We also know the central single exhaust from the race car. Come out of the blue, you might suspect that we see here, the road version of the Elise S R Cup. After all, there are functioning headlights and license plates. If anyone is brave enough, these splitters, diffusers and spoilers to grant a license, is another question.

Elise Club Racer S similarly fast

There is already the Elise Club Racer S, which, like the Cup car has a 1.8 - liter supercharged 220 hp and almost 900 kilos and weighs just as much. We will have to see whether the Lotus Elise really been extreme loose on the road . ( sw )